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16x20 Metal Print
16x20 is a popular metal print size and fits a lot of spaces. It does crop from full frame (2x3) images so look at 16x24 for preserving full images. This is a portrait orientation metal print, great for selfies, single subjects or couples. For group shots or landscapes look at the 20x16 metal print.

20x16 Metal Print
Great size for above the couch or lining a hallway at work. Or great for an art show or other installation. 20x16 metal print is a landscape (horizontal) orientation product ready to hang on your wall.

16x24 Metal Print
16x24 metal print. Vertical, full frame (2x3) aspect ratio. Great size and orientation for individual portraits or couple shots. Don't have a digital version? No problem, ask any of our local Colorado and California Mike's Camera locations about scanning, retouching and then printing your family heirloom photographs on metal.

24x16 Metal Print
24x16 horizontal orientation metal print. Great selection for landscape photos, family and group shots or even printing children's art or other original pieces. Try black and white on metal for a stunning effect.

20x20 Metal Print
Big square format 20x20 metal print. Comes ready to hang flat on your wall at home or in a showroom or gallery.

20x24 Metal Print
Big 20x24 metal panel, vertical orientation. Great for single subject shots. Make a bold statement with your photographs, print on metal!

24x20 Metal Print
Landscape orientation 20x24 aluminum panel with your photo or design sublimated directly into it. Comes with hanging hardware already attached to hang your beautiful metal print on your wall!

20x30 Metal Print
Portrait (vertical) 20x30 metal print. 20x30 is a full frame (2x3) size, it won't crop if shot in 35mm aspect ratio. Excellent big print size for displaying your best portraits, vacation photos or fine photography work. Price includes hanging hardware already attached

30x20 Metal Print
Metal photo print in popular 30x20 landscape size. Great for your wide angle shots, night photography, landscapes and photos of the family.

24x30 Metal Print
24x30 metal print. Choose from straight or rounded corners and glossy or matte finishes. Comes with hanging hardware already installed. Decorate your walls with metal prints!

30x24 Metal Print
30x24 BIG metal print! Awesome way to show your best shots. Good size for above the couch or displaying artwork in a business. Mike's Camera makes metal prints from tiny namebadge size to big wall installations! Ask us how we can help.

24x36 Metal Print
24x36 vertical (portrait) orientation metal photo panel. Full frame (2x3) size for 35mm aspect ratio. Great for portraits or two people, choose a horizontal size for larger group shots and most landscapes.


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