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18x12 Metal Print
12x18 landscape orientation metal photo panel. Excellent choice for decorating any wall or room, displaying a photo collection or project. Includes a shadow mount for easy hanging. Sublimated aluminum prints have a natural rich saturation and shine.

12x18 Metal Print
Bring your favorite photos to life with a metal photo print! 12x18 is a popular size. Vertical orientation for portrait style photos. Not recommeded for desktop easels, comes with a shadow mount for easy wall installation. Great for art shows, photography shows or decorating your home or business.

11x14 Metal Print
11x14 vertical metal photo print. Choose from glossy, silver or matte finishes and desktop or wall hanging configurations. You can print just one, but why not make a collection of your best photos? Mike's Camera can print any metal size to fit any space.

14x11 Metal Print
Celebrate your photos with a metal print! 11x14 metal panel in horizontal orientation. Choose from classic glossy, matte or clear silver finishes, and desktop or wall hanging configurations. (TIP: try printing black and white images, especially on the matte finish can be stunning.)

12x12 Metal Print
Square 12x12 metal print. Excellent size and aspect ratio for wall displays, repetition, themes and series of photographs. Or, choose from one of our freestyle collage templates and make a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Excellent gift giving idea for any occasion.

12x8 Metal Print
Horizontal 8x12 metal print. True 2x3 aspect ratio size, great for full frame shots. Metal photos will bring your images to life and are versatile: add a shadow mount to hang on a wall, make a desktop display or print an award, certificate or other memento.

8x12 Metal Print
8x12 metal photo on your choice of glossy, matte or clear silver. Metal prints are sublimated directly onto aluminum and are vivid and sharp. We can cut custom sizes and make not just photos, but print designs for any application. Ask about metal printing at your local Mike's Camera.

10x8 Metal Print
Horizontal or landscape oriented 8x10 metal photo print. Print all of your best photos on metal! Mike's Camera can cut and print tiny metal business cards all the way up to giant wall prints for your home or business. Make a statement with a metal print.

8x10 Metal Print
Vertical 8x10 metal panel. Classic photo size. Includes shadow mount with sawtooth hanger for easy wall mounting, but you can substitute a desktop easel. Choose from glossy, clear silver or matte finishes. Mike's Camera can help you make a metal panel to fit any room.

8x8 Metal Print
8x8 square metal prints start to get into sizes big enough to hang on your wall and stand on their own, but small enough to still add an easel to for a desktop photo display. Great idea for store signage as well as a unique way to print and share your favorite photos!


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