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Square LOVE Collage #2
Your images are collaged together in this square format wall décor product.

The Heart Collage
Introducing: The Heart Collage! Gift your 25 best moments together! Choose 25 of your favorite images, choose what style print and you've got the perfect gift for that perfect somebody!

Square LOVE Collage #1
Add this beautiful, simple design to a wood panel, pillow, metal print or more! Great for Valentine's Day, but great for any day. It's like giving flowers but this one will last forever!

Square 25 Image Collage (White)
Great, simple square collage idea! Add it to wood panels, metal, canvas and more. Upload photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, your phone or computer.

Square 10 Photo Collage (White)
Print this collage on photo paper, or add it to a pillow, wood panel, metal print and more! Mike's Camera makes photo home and wall decor for any occasion or event.

Square 9 Photo Collage (White)
Simple, 9 photo collage ready to print on canvas, metal, photo paper and more. Visit one of our California or Colorado Mike's Camera locations near you to see what can make together!

Square 4 Photo Collage (White)
Simple, 4 photo collage ready to print on paper, metal, wood, canvas and more! Mike's Camera makes custom wall art for the home, business, big events and special moments.


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