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Product Specifications

Framatic  Fineline 20x30 No Mat Black #F2030B  

Main specs

Picture size:  20" x 30"

Frame material:  Aluminium

Number of pictures:  1 picture


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Framatic-Fineline 20x30 No Mat Black #F2030B-Photo Frames


Picture size

20" x 30"

Frame shape




Frame material


Number of pictures

1 picture

Protective surface material



Minimalist framing at it’s most elegant, the exceptionally thin face of the Fineline aluminum frame neatly defines an image but never overwhelms it. The frame is assembled with the patented FRAMLOK™ joining system, so installing art-work takes only a few seconds. Fineline is available without matting, or with a wide range of both single and double “Shadow” mats.

  • matte black or silver anodized, or white painted aluminum moulding
  • super-precise construction to allow for very thin molding
  • easy-to-use, patented “FRAMLOK” assembly system
  • single and “shadow mat” pH neutral matting options
  • glass has sharp edges removed
  • hangers for all sizes, easels for sizes through 8 x 10

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