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Product Specifications

Framatic  Metro Photo Frame 5 x 7 - Black  

Main specs

Picture size:  5" x 7"

Frame material:  Wood

Number of pictures:  1 picture


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Framatic-Metro Photo Frame 5 x 7 - Black-Photo Frames


Picture size

5" x 7"

Frame shape




Frame material


Number of pictures

1 picture

Protective surface material



The METRO frame is of a unique construction we call "seamless". First, a panel of ¼" thick MDF (a composite wood board) has the center cut out to create the 1 3/4" face of the frame. Since the frame has not been made from cut and joined lengths of molding, there are no joints at the corners. Next, a second wooden frame is attached to the back of the MDF to create the space for the glass, matting, etc, and our easy-to-use “pivot clip” back.
The frame is then flawlessly finished with lacquer in a black or white finish and is also available unfinished as a custom order. The result is an unelaborated frame of elegant simplicity, which, like all Framatic frames, is designed to dramatize but not compete with the artwork installed in it.
The frames are designed to hang from holes in the clips found on the back (the clips are permanently riveted to the 1/8 hardboard that forms the back). In addition, sizes up to 8 x 10 frames include our unique easel leg system for secure support on a tabletop.

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