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Product Specifications

Framatic  Modern 8x8 Thin Matte Black #N0808BX09  

Main specs

Picture size:  8" x 8"

Frame material: 

Number of pictures:  1 picture


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Framatic-Modern 8x8 Thin Matte Black #N0808BX09-Photo Frames


Picture size

8" x 8"

Frame shape




Frame material

Not Available

Number of pictures

1 picture

Protective surface material



The 1” wide face of the Modern frame, compared to the 1 3/4” of Metro, or the 4” of Max, is the most modest of the “Seamless Frames”. For those images where you want neither too much nor too minimal impact from the frame, Modern is just right.

  • seamless construction: no corner joints
  • easy to use pivot-clip back
  • room for multiple mats & thick artwork
  • neutral pH white core mat included in small sizes
  • easels for sizes through 8 x 10

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