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Product Specifications

Pana-Vue  Pana-Scan Combo Scanner APA151  

Main specs

Type:  portable, slide, film

Maximum Resolution: 

Scanner Element: 


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Pana-Vue-Pana-Scan Combo Scanner APA151-Scanners
Specifications Media



portable, slide, film

Scanning Speed

Not Available

Scanner Element

Not Available

Light Source

Not Available

Selectable Resolutions


Maximum Resolution

Not Available

Color Bit Depth

Not Available

Maximum Document Size

35mm film

Greyscale Bit Depth

Not Available



7.16 x 8.22 x 6.37


Not Available



Mini USB


Not Available

Special Features

  • The Pana-Scan Portable Stand-Alone Combo Scanner allows you to quickly and easily convert your cherished photos, while stillin photo albums or magazines, to digital images using patented anti-glare technology.  The Pana-Scan Portable Stand-Alone Combo Scanner also converts loose pictures up to 4x6 inches plus slides and negative into 14 megapixel digital images without the need to be connected to a computer. You can showcase all of your precious images and memories on a TV (TV must have a compatible USB input), or email, share on social media, print and archive.
  • To scan a picture while in a photo album or magazine, just place the scanner on top of the desired image and when you see the image on the 2.4" LCD screen, press the copy button.  The images are thenstored on an SD memory card ready for you to use in your computer, view on your TV, share on social media, email or archive.

Included Accessories

■ Supplied accessories may vary by region or country!, AC adapter, Mini USB Cable, Lithium-Ion Battery

Included Software

Not Available

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